Green Witchcraft Preview: Cimaruta Charm Bag

The Cimaruta (Chee-mah-roo-tah) is an Italian folk charm that’s usually worn as jewellery or hung in the home to offer protection against the Evil Eye. Usually made of silver, the charm is shaped like a living sprig of rue with magickal and protective symbols sprouting from the ends. Over time and, through the Christianization of … Continue reading Green Witchcraft Preview: Cimaruta Charm Bag

Sit for a Spell! Charge Your Meds

Hotei, also known as Laughing Buddha is a Buddhist deity of happiness and luck Today I started a new dosage of anti-depressant medication. It's been hard finding a pill and dosage that are right for me, and it's caused me a lot of stress. So I decided this time to give my new prescription a … Continue reading Sit for a Spell! Charge Your Meds

Sit for a Spell! Magickal Pour-Over Coffee

*Sit for a Spell! will be a new feature on the blog and podcast where I share a little spell from my own grimoire with instructions to do it on your own!* Ah, coffee. Without it, I would probably die. Or at least... get a brutal headache from the withdrawals. Though herbal tea has long … Continue reading Sit for a Spell! Magickal Pour-Over Coffee

Emoji Spells: Mobile Sigil Magick

Though Emoji Spells are practically old news in the Tumblr universe, the recent US Presidential Election brought them out of the shadows and all over twitter. Emoji spells to block Whats-his-face or empower Hillary flooded the internet. In case you haven't seen one, an emoji spell is a string of emoji that convey an intention … Continue reading Emoji Spells: Mobile Sigil Magick

Godless Heathens!

Today’s topic is dedicated to Shawna, who sent me an awesome bit of mail through my Facebook page asking about Secular Witchcraft. “I am super interested in hearing about how you practice witchcraft while being secular. I consider myself a Humanist, but I have always been very drawn to paganism and have studied a lot … Continue reading Godless Heathens!