Life According to Laurie Cabot’s Twitter Account, Day 4

IMG_9879 This challenge worked against me a bit, if only because my most favourite, comfortable t-shirt is white. This means I hung out like a frmpy schlub in my dingy white t-shirt all day. I just wanted to wear black. I put on a black cardigan and black pants and I felt better. I hugged that cardigan around myself and felt warm and safe. I would almost say I wasn’t very cheerful.

When I got outside for a walk things picked up a bit and the sun even came out. I took off my black cardigan and felt the sun bouncing off of my white t-shirt and I felt better. Of course then I dribbled greek dressing all down the front of it and promptly shed that shit. I spent the rest of the day in all black. ALL BLACK. It’s what makes me comfortable. Even though I love that silyl milk bottle t -shirt, I just wasn’t feelin’ it and was almost excited to have an excuse to spend the rest of the night in a black bandeau bra and black jeans watching Law and Order on my black tv wrapped in a black blanket. I even took out the white earrings I don’t like and the moonstone I almost never actually wear.

IMG_9882I didn’t know what else to do with the rest of the advice. I don’t drive and rarely talk to strangers outside of a work situation, so I wasn’t at much risk for that. I took a long walk, got groceries, hitched a ride with my dad on his way home from work. Really nothing special.

After changing into all black my urge to do something magical started to kick in. I ended up taking an awesome new moon bath and full spell and ritual. Returned to my natural state!

I could say that I tried, but I’d be lying. I woke up wanting to wear black. Wanting to be comfortable. Wanting to do something easy. I didn’t want to put in effort or do my hair or try. So I didn’t. I really wanted to wrap myself up in my blackest clothes and disappear. I guess I got the avoiding strangers part right?

Catch up with my Laurie Cabot challenge from the beginning! Living Life According to Laurie Cabot’s Twitter Account: An Experiment

12819228_464326873769548_7994467437042859064_oDespite not knowing what would have been different if I had tried harder with today’s advice, I had a great day and feel good about the magic I did that night. I did something I’ve been wanting and planning to do for a while and feel confident I did what I was meant to. (Especially since I went to sleep with an A+ psychic headache.)

In yesterday’s entry I talked about what wearing white can accomplish and the energy aligned with it, but what was it about yesterday that made the day a bit lonely, though not gloomy?
The moon was in the sign of Aries – which means it should have been enthusiastic, energized and friendly. It’s a day to start new things. Being right after the new moon, this is doubley so. Wednesdays are an odd week day, in that the energy is constantly changing. You never know what to expect. In every case, white is recommended. This really feels like a Paige problem. I am always uncomfortable around the new moon, and I knew I had a new moon ritual left to do. Maybe I was just holding on to that dark, brooding energy that I’ve often felt this time of month?

Hopefully tomorrow will be a little more exciting!


2 thoughts on “Life According to Laurie Cabot’s Twitter Account, Day 4

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