Life According to Laurie Cabot’s Twitter Account, Day 5

 IMG_9897Cheshire cat moon! How great is that? I liked this challenge (and this outfit!) and I really did cast a spell.

Actually I cast spells two days in a row AND made lucky green rice. I’ll admit that in the last few months the amount of magic I actually do has decreased greatly. Ironically enough, I’m too busy teaching witchcraft to actually practice any. When I feel like being magical there’s always a class I need to plan or a podcast to record or a project like this that pops up. Even on the moons I usually take a bath and look up and that’s about it. I noticed it about a month ago and it really bothered me. Not feeling motivated to work is one thing, but not motivated to do anything fun and magical? Now that’s tragic.

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Thursdays are a day of prosperity and abundance, so I usually wear greens, golds and anything I have that’s a bit more expensive.
Turns out red was an excellent choice! It made me feel energized on a rainy day when I would normally hide out under the covers. I dressed up a bit and went out and enjoyed the nice temperature. According to Magical Fashionista bright red is PURE FIRE and facilitates fame, energy, courage, success and expansion. What a great colour for a day dedicated to prosperity! Not one I would have chosen since it’s such a earthy day, though Tess also says that the crocheted material of my shirt is earthy and deep – aren’t I smart?IMG_9925

Just because Laurie said “cheshire cat moon” I threw on some cute cat earrings, a favourite pair, that always make me feel happy and comfortable.

Since it was a thursday and she encouraged me to do a spell I made a batch of lucky green rice (which I’ve been planning to make for months and kept procrastinating), bought Ellen Dugan’s Practical Prosperity Magic (one I’ve been meaning to pick up) and took a spell from that and adapted it to suit my needs and to add in the green rice. I spent the rest of my evening doing some magic, reading some tarot and burning delicious patchouli incense.

IMG_9928If anything, this challenge is forcing me to do things that I’ve been meaning to do, that I’ve been putting off or that I know are important. I was only able to do spells at my altar because I cleaned my room for the challenge the second day. I only had that ritual because on the first day she told me to write a ritual. The challenge is forcing me to take time for witchcraft, which is something that used to come naturally. Hopefully I get re-programmed and am more willing to just sit down and get magical more often.

Tomorrrow! Same cheshire cat time, same cheshire cat channel!

Oh son of a-


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