Bad Ass Old Witches and Magickal Fashionistas – Podcast Ep

Hello again and thank you for tuning in to The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast, the show where I do a little ranting, raving, and wand-waving. I am your host, Paige, The Fat Feminist Witch and this is the second time I recorded this episode today because the first time my thumb slipped and deleted the first recording.
I know.
ANYWAYS today I’m talking about my recent challenge to live my life according to the daily advice Laurie Cabot posts to her twitter account, and how it affected me and my magic. I talk about the value in working magic into your daily dress and recommend not one, but 3 books by Ellen Dugan. Even I’m rolling my eyes. You can of course find the full play by play with annoyingly adorable photographs of me on my wordpress blog at

In the newest Book Review of Sahdows segment I review the second book in Ellen Dugan’s Legacy of Magick series – Secret of The Rose (hint: I loved it). You get to hear how high-pitched my voice gets when I talk about sexy stuff and how much I love really badass old lady witches. (hint: it’s a lot.)

So sit back and relax and then please feel free to bother me all over the internet. I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and I have an if you live in 2004.

Listen to the episode on PODBEAN or find it on iTunes by searching for The Fat Feminist Witch!

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