Going Analogue for Mercury Rx!

The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast


It’s time again for everyone’s favourite celestial event!

Oh you don’t like Mercury Retrograde? Well, you’re not alone.

The planet mercury rules things like communication, thought, and travel and I can’t imagine a worse set of things to go wrong. You may find your electronics on the fritz, your car won’t start, the morning commute takes extra-long, and you’re having trouble communicating your feelings to others which is resulting in fights and misunderstandings all over the damn place. It can be the worst. If you’re prepared, it can also be kind of great. Mercury Retrograde is great for clearing out the old to make way for the new, nostalgia, running into old friends, righting old wrongs and just relaxing. In other words, it’s time to kick it old school and here’s how.

70dde301050a49bc9895f9d6311286081. Go analogue – All of your fancy electronics are on the fritz? Maybe live a couple weeks…

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