Psychic Sensory Challenge, Day 1: Seeing Day

creepycrystal ball

As a highly visual person I’m consistently shocked that my own psychicness doesn’t really come to me visually. It’s almost sort of irritating because that seems like it would be so much easier. So I was psyched to flex my psychic eyeballs today.

Have no idea what I’m talking about? Check out my intro to the Four Day Psychic Sensory Challenge here, and grab a copy of The Natural Psychic by Ellen Dugan through one of the links if you want to do it too!

I picked today to start because I knew I would be working and going out with friends after. I knew I’d be in places I recognize and with people I know well and was hoping I’d see something I never noticed before.

The thing that stood out to me most was colours. Three different friends came to visit me at work today (which is unusual) and they were all wearing bright colours. One friend had gotten a new haircut and was wearing a muted green camisole and I swear this girl was glowing. She looked amazing and even though he whole outfit was these kind of muted blues, she seemed so bright and happy. Another friend, who’s been dying her hair different shades of teal and purple for the last year or so now, came in with freshly done hair and these colours were blowing my mind, if only because they looked SO natural. I mean she just IS teal and purple. Her eyes, her skin, her clothes, obviously her hair, it was all these spacey ocean colours? I even remarked how natural her hair looked. The third friend is a true goth from way back – all blacks and maybe dark green or red – she wears black all day. Of course she came in wearing a bright orange sweatshirt that practically made my eyeballs explode, and again it just seemed so natural. How natural this bright pumpkin orange looked on this goth girl named Raven made me really laugh.

This kept up all day. I noticed colour in my bosses hair that I hadn’t seen before while she talked about how bad she needs a haircut. I noticed how pink my neighbours peonies are across the street, especially since their peony bush is identical to our white one – but crazy pink. I noticed how pink the cheeks were of someone I see all the time for the first time.

and when I walked home at night, down a street I walk down all the time, everything was green. Dark green, since it was midnight, but green none the less. Green trees, green fences, even a green house I’ve been inside a hundred times but never really looked at very closely.

I didn’t expect it at all, and I didn’t even really think anything seemed different. When I sat down to write about my day I was afraid nothing had really stood out, then I realized how many times I’d mentioned colour. That’s when I realized how much some things had stood out all day.


In The Natural Psyhic Ellen advises to just write it down (“a paragraph will do” she says, I’ve always been a windbag) and doesn’t say to do any sort of crazy analyzing right that moment, so I’ll save that for after day four. In the mean time, tomorrow is Hearing Day, and I am legitimately dreading a day without background music haha. I can already tell that will be a bit of a struggle.

One thought on “Psychic Sensory Challenge, Day 1: Seeing Day

  1. I wish I had known this was happening when I came in to see you, but I love your description of everything. It’s fascinating to see what we notice when we actively try to notice this. I can’t wait to see how the other days go for you!


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