Interview with Lasara Firefox Allen Part 1



Thank you for tuning in to The Fat Feminist Witch Podcast! This week I had the opportunity to interview author Lasar Firefox Allen about Jailbreaking the Goddess: A Radical Revisioning of Feminist Spirituality which launches today, July 8th!

In part 1 we discuss how Lasara is feeling about the launch and how to deal with haters as a feminist personality, trans exclusionary pagans and pagan spaces and gender identity*, cultural appropriation and ethical practices for pagan events and ritual.

Be sure to also check out my review of Jailbreaking the Goddess over on my blog, and pick up a copy from Llewellyn, Amazon, and at your local metaphysical shops!

Part 2 will be out next week, Friday July 15th and I fully expect you to have read the book in the mean time. If you like the podcast and want to see it improve, please consider donating to my crowdfunding campaign through Patreon

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As always the opening and closing track is Back To The 90s (Douglas Mulvey AKA D-REX) / CC BY 4.0

*the individual “who had so many names” mentioned is David Reimer, who
tragically took his own life in 2004. You can learn more about David’s
story here.

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