Sketchy Herbs & Magic Rocks: Aquamarine & Bladderwrack

This newest segment of the podcast will highlight an herb and a stone or crystal who’s energy can be used for magic that follows the general theme of the show. As a natural witch I regularly use herbs and stones in my spells, magic and just every day life … and I just love talking about them.


I don’t know about you guys, but I spent more time at the beach this summer than I have in the last decade. My feet were worn smooth from sand, my skin felt super warm all the time, I have a sunglasses tan line and I have never been so calm. I collected sea shells, swam with schools of fish (minnows… but STILL) and made friends with seagulls. I’ve noticed there’s mysterious sand all over my altar and I’m grabbing sea shells, and lava stones and other watery crystals when I leave the house. They have the same calm, safe, happy energy I felt at the beach.


From Mountain Rose HerbsBladderwrack, also referred to as kelp (there are multiple varieties of kelp), is a dark brown seaweed that is used for sea, wind, and travel magick. Though the name refers to a specific type, these properties are pretty universal to any seaweeds. Weeds from fresh water too!

Growing it yourself isn’t really possible so it’s usually used in a dried or powdered form and added to sachets and mojo bags, or large pieces can be carried as a talisman.

Folk Names: Bladder Fucus, Cutweed, Kelp, Sea Spirit, Seawrack, Seetang, Meeriche, Sea Oak, Black Tang
Planet: Moon
Element: Water
Powers: Protection, Sea Spells, Wind Spells, Money, Psychic Power
(from Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs)

Cunningham actually has a lot of interesting stuff to say about Bladderwrack, including “kelp is used to summon the winds: stand on the shore and hold a long strand of the fresh seaweed in your hand, whip it around in the air above your head in a clockwise direction and whistles. the winds will come.” WILD. Weather magic is not something I’ve tried, but it seems that this plant would be a good one to have around if you do. The kelp is also used in sea-related magic and to call on spirits of the sea for aid in magick.

It’s also used for protection in water or flying over it, which make it great for intercontinental travelers. It can be added to floor washes for your business to attract customers and bring in good vibes, suspended in whiskey and put in the kitchen window to attract wealth, and put in sachets to increase psychic powers and can help ease the dreaded psychic hangover. I like to add it to a bath with lots of salts to soothe my aching head after a lot of tarot readings. it’s like soaking right in the ocean.

Because of its association with the ocean and water this herb is awesome for moon magic and moon workings. You can add it to candles or oils, scatter it around your altar, or present it as an offering.

If you want to buy Bladderwrack or any seaweed you can check health food stores or any international markets or asian groceries. You can also order  it from Mountain Roe Herbs either as a crushed herb or powder.


bechscd3487_aquamarine_chips_bead_2__07156-1463747402-1280-1280Aquamarine is a variety of Beryl that comes in soft blues and blue-greens that look like those insane pictures of the Caribbean sea. It’s a calm and joyful stone that works wonderfully with other stones to mellow out their vibe (and yours).

Once upon a time aquamarine was the treasure of mermaids and was carried by sailors to keep them safe on their journey and gain favours with the sea’s keepers. Like the bladderwrack this stone protects travelers both on and flying over the sea and is a great addition to suitcases and luggage. If you regularly cross bridges or ferries on your car to and from work, it can also help release work-day tension and keep your commute safe.

Like other blue stones this one is connected with the throat chakra and third eye to aid in communication and clear sight. It was a stone of seers and many people use large aquamarine orbs for crystal gazing. It’s also great for actual communication and public speaking. It’s a great stone for mercury retrograde and to keep on your desk to help with communication with employees or your boss.

Aquamarine is tied very strongly to the energy of the moon and some psychics believe that during full and waxing moons the power of an aquamarine is intensified. It’s great for moon magic and to have on your altar during moon-related rituals.

My favourite use of aquamarine is in jewelry with snowflake obsidian. The energies of the two stones work so perfectly together. The obsidian is the bustling volcano remaining solid during a huge change and helps facilitate tons of growth, while the aquamarine is cooling and calming and allows a peaceful environment where that change can take root and form. I wear a tumbled piece of each in one cage around my neck for this energy. It helps me remain calm in the face of change, but still pushes me through it. It’s a wonderful combination.

You can get aquamarine in a few different forms from Stonebridge including this beautiful pendulum and pendant wand. (If you use those affiliate links you’ll also be helping out the podcast and blog!)

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