Sketchy Herbs & Magic Rocks: Eye of Newt & Emerald


Happy Halloween, Witches! In a very special Halloween edition of Sketchy Herbs & Magic Rocks we’re covering the witchiest herb around and the crystal that powered an entire magical city!

Eye of Newt

mustard_seed_brown-product_1x-1403634930“Eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog, adder’s fork and blind worm’s sting, lizard’s leg and owlet’s wing, for a charm of powerful trouble, like a hell-broth boil and bubble!”

Possibly the most famous ingredient in the classical Witch’s Brew, Eye of Newt isn’t quite as gross as it’s sounds and no newts have to die for you to witch is up elizabethan style. Eye of Newt, in Shakespeare’s time, was a kitschy little folk name for a pretty mundane ingredient – mustard seed.

Mustard Seed, Black
Gender: Masculine

Planet: Mars
Element: Fire
Powers: Fertility, Protection, Mental Powers
(From Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs)

Oddly enough, Cunningham doesn’t include ANY folk names for Mustard Seed, but it still lists it as a very much magical ingredient. Black mustard seed is often used as an aphrodesiac and can be used in love or fertility spells, is sprinkled on thresholds like black salt or brick dust for protection and keeping unwanted spirits to enter, and is used by some witches for flight or even astral travel. I also believe that its “modern” association with witchcraft makes it an excellent addition to almost anything witchy. This is one I add to incenses or blends when I just want to be witchier – stronger, more confident, powerful, magical, psychic, mysterious. This is something I add to thinks like black salt, mojo bags, and even a good new moon bath. I think it’s an awesome herb for the new moon because it’s dark and a bit mellow, but it’s fiery and installs confidence and power you need for a new cycle. It’s protective abilities also make it great for use during spirit communication for Samhain.

Richters_WebBanner3Order bulk Black Mustard seeds from Richters Herbs and help support the podcast and blog!


emeraldGreen, as a colour, has a million associations in magic and the mundane – it’s associated with money, with the heart chakra, with healing, jealousy and envy, hope, renewal and growth. That makes Emerald an amazing, and multi purpose, crystal for magick. Of course not everyone has access to a set of crown jewels and so emerald is one many people don’t think of. Some metaphysical stores have begun carrying raw and rough pieces of emerald like the one pictured here and I make it a point to point them out when I’m working.

The way I recommend to use emerald the most is in prosperity magick. Not only because it’s green, but because it’s such an expensive stone. It’s makes people think of prosperity and riches. They’ve historically been associated with good luck of all kinds.

Emerald has also been associated with magick and intelligence since ancient egypt. This can be a great stone to keep on your altar when you’re trying to manifest some serious magickal goals. It’s another one for spells to just make you witchy.

Emerald is also useful in love and relationship spells. It’s strongly tied to the heart chakra and is a powerful stone is healing jealousy and pain in relationships. If you’re trying to get over issues of infidelity or feeling anxious and jealous for no reason, this is a good stone to meditate with placed right over your heart. It has a happy, loving, and joyful energy. It’s often called the stone of successful love for all of these reasons.

Emerald is great for manifesting, whether it’s luck, money, love, magick – emerald can help you bring it into the physical world from the magickal.

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