Sketchy Herbs & Magic Rocks: Hibiscus and Lepidolite


Today’s sketchy herb and magic rock are both inspired by my new journey towards better mental health. That doesn’t mean I think they are a cure for any illness, or that I think you can skip seeing your doctor and just use these instead, but there’s no harm in finding complimentary magical tools to incorporate into treatment or your healthy lifestyle. The best magick has a place in your life, but isn’t what your life revolves around.


I bet you’re already thinking of Hawaii or Tahiti. Go ahead and put on your favourite ukulele or Hawaiian reggae playlist, I’ll wait.

This incredibly beautiful flower is most commonly associated with Polynesian and Caribbean islands and is commonly added to or even the main ingredient in hot and cold tea. Hibiscus also posses incredible strength and power when incorporated into magick! It has a range of magical uses from passion and sexuality, to freedom and independence, and relaxation and joy.

I found conflicting information about it’s correspondences – it seems no two books or practitioners can agree on the specifics – but when I look at everything else about the hibiscus, it makes perfect sense.

Element: Fire and Water
Planet: Venus and Mars/The Sun
Powers: Harmony, joy, love, independence, passion, magickal catalyst, divination, balancing chakras

The hibiscus is inviting, beautiful and loving but also strong and confident. It’s a perfect meeting of both the sensitive nature of water and the passionate force of fire.

Let’s start with the most fun way to use hibiscus – in teas and potions! Hibiscus is not overly sweet, but is incredibly refreshing. Brew a pot of hibiscus tea and keep it in the fridge. If you have a specific intent, try working it into the whole pot, or you can do that with individual glasses. Drink the tea whenever you need a boost from its magical uses – whether you need an instant vacation at your desk to relax, or during meditation to help balance and align your chakras, or serve it on a date (it goes great in champagne!) to incite feelings of love or sexual desire. You can also get a hibiscus flower essence or oil and add it to drinks, body sprays, food, candles, or baths for these purposes.

Dried hibiscus can be added to mojo bags and sachets, naturally, and it’s energy as a natural magickal catalyst makes it appropriate for almost anything. If you’ve recently done a spell for money or finances, sprinkle some hibiscus into your wallet to expedite the process. If you feel you need magickal or metaphysical help and are trying to attract a guide or maybe make your guide a little easier to get in touch with, incorporate hibiscus into your spell. It’s uses in relaxation, joy, encouraging feelings of freedom and independence, and the fact that it works as a magickal batphone make it a great addition to any magick to do with depression and mental health.

I’m lucky enough to have a growing hibiscus tree right downstairs and I can honestly say that I feel happy and calm whenever I take the time to look at it and interact with it. It’s becoming one of the nicest parts of my whole day! I also get regular dropped flowers that I can dry and use for magick. I’ve filled a mason jar over just 2 months from one young tree. If you’ve got the space, means, and green thumb to help it thrive I highly recommend bringing one into your magickal space.

Want more info on the magickal uses of Hibiscus? Check out Tess Whitehurst’s The Magic of Flowers and Lilith Dorsey’s Love Magic!


Lepidolite is a really interesting mica-style crystal that comes in pastel rose and lilac colours. You can get it in big chunks, beautiful tumbled stones that appear a darker purple, or these awesome disks that are usually about 2-3 inches wide. The stone is usually used for easing of stress and anxiety, facilitating meditation, and helping with a more restful sleep. This should come as no surprise since lepidolite is actually the world’s second most prevalent source of lithium, a powerful antidepressant that has been prescribed for a variety of mental illnesses for decades.

This is an excellent stone to keep next to your bed to help with better sleep, protect from nightmares, and can even help you connect with your intuition through dreams.

Lepidolite helps to connect with the third eye and crown eye chakras, and has a cleansing affect on your aura which makes it an excellent stone to keep with you while meditating. It radiates calming and relaxing vibrations, without being over powering to touch or hold. It’s a great stone to wear as jewelry or keep in your pocket to help calm you down on the go.

This stone helps through difficult transitions, and encourages you to trust in the universe and yourself. It’s a powerful emotional healer. Combine it with pink tourmaline if your stress or anxiety is related to relationships or sexual trauma to help bring emotional balance and allow you to detach from lingering pain and issues while you go through recovery.


Get the best crystal encyclopedia on the market – Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible (vol.1) which has a great entry on Lepidolite!

Even if you’re not currently living with depression, anxiety, or mental illness both hibiscus and lepidolite encourage a calm, loving home and environment, help to balance your chakras and cleanse your aura, and will help you increase your intuition and magickal energy.

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