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Hey friends!

I started this podcast in 2015 as sort of an experiment. I wanted to see if I could connect with cool witches around the world, while sharing my own personal experiences with witchcraft. I wanted to talk about witchcraft’s role in body positivity, in my own personal brand of feminism, and in my life. I wanted to share books, and share tips and spells, and tell really bad jokes.

I hope I’ve done that!

The response from those of you who take the time out of your day to listen to me rant and rave on the airwaves is honestly life changing. I never expected it, but I’m so glad you’re all here with me on this trip.

This year I started to confront the fact that I have a real mental illness – and I was right. This has made me take time away from The Fat Feminist Witch and re-direct the funds I used to use for hosting, products, and advertising to treatment and medication. More than that I’ve realized that I lost a little of what made me love doing this in the first place – connecting with other witches. Connecting with you and relating with you about social activism, spirituality, and just myself has done wonders for both my health and life. I’m hoping that this new monthly group and membership will help heal all of these problems.

Rather than donating to this Patreon campaign and just waiting around for gifts to show up in the mail that you could probably go out and buy yourself or getting a shout out on my website, the “rewards” levels gain you access to a private group where we can all reap the reward of just having other witches to connect, practice (and bitch!) with. In the group they’ll be a monthly book club, incense subscription, and a Sketchy Herbs & Magic Rocks subscription! I’ll also be doing live videos and rituals, book discussions, giveaways, and will be sharing behind the scenes looks at the content I’ll be publishing that month and take suggestions for topics for the blog. As the group grows, so will what we can do with it. In between all of that it will serve as a place for like-minded witches to share tips and spells, experiences, friendship with.

My hope is that this will foster friendship and spiritual growth for all of us, while allowing me to do what I do best – loudly and ridiculously rambling about magic on the internet.


Interested in joining? I’m so glad! Head over to my new Patreon page at to get started.


Monthly Programs:


On Wednesdays We Wear Black ($10) – This program gets you entrance to secret group for the month. This is a great way to dip your toes in the water! Participate in as much or as little in the group as you like, follow along with book club discussions if you have your own copy, follow herbal and incense discussions with your own herb cupboard and discuss your private crystal collection. You won’t get anything in the mail, but you’re a member of the group!


Sabbat Scents ($25)– In addition to joining the community you’ll get custom-made incense, charcoal, a recipe, and a ritual/use for incense every month starting in June for the Summer Solstice! For those who are interested in learning to make and use their own herbal incense, or continue to group their herbal magick knowledge this is a fun and creative way to personalize your magick. Tune in for regular recipes and spells for incense, videos of creation and use, and live discussions around sabbats and celestial events!


Sketchy Herbs & Magic Rocks ($30) – Every month you’ll receive a featured magickal plant (or oil!) and stone or crystal beginning in June with Chamomile and Tiger’s Eye. Learn to use herbs and crystals in your magick with a customized ritual specifically to coincide with seasonal, social, or celestial energy. Every month discuss herb and crystal magick with other members of the group, watch videos about natural magick and participate in meditations and rituals!


Book Club of Shadows ($50) – This is my baby. Books are my first true love, and they are obviously yours as well. Every month you’ll receive the featured book in your mailbox starting in June with Akashic Wisdom DIY by Jacki Smith and Patty Shaw. Every month we’ll have regular discussions and video discussions, group exercises from non-fiction titles, and connect over our favourite witchy titles. Once the group gets going you will help choose the book every month and every time an author is going to be interviewed on the Podcast you’ll have the opportunity to submit a question that will be answered on the air!

You can also get The Whole Coven and Caboodle ($55) and pick any two programs for a flat rate – you can also change your selection every month!

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