Book Review of Shadows: Develop Your ESP by Nina Ashby


51cSAjKZkaLIn ‘Develop Your ESP’ Nina Ashby teaches readers:

  1. How to listen and be receptive to the inner messages received by your intuitive senses
  2. How to use techniques and exercises to develop and control your psychic abilities

This is a program that can quickly enhance anyone’s ability to go beyond the 5 senses and enter another dimension of awareness. Find out which psychic talents you possess and develop those particular gifts with a mix of theory and practical exercises. Learn to understand the body’s energy fields and auras and see why the spiritual plane is every bit as important as the physical world. –

This book’s tagline is no joke, this really is a quick and easy to become psychic! This book gives a great beginner layout of what it means to be psychic, types of psychic energy, auras, chakras, breathing, meditation and even divination. It features great little exercises and a full glossary of terms related to psychic powers or gifts. It’s really short – less than 200 pages – but it packs in a ton of info.

I think my favourite thing about this book is actually the cover. These classic “ESP” testing cards are an aesthetic I definitely want to see return. Even better, when you open the book, under the copyright information, it explains what they are. I had no idea what they were called or even much of the history.

“Cover design by Jim Warner
Covery image: Zener card symbols, used to conduct experiments for ESP, developed by psychologist Karl Zener in the early 1930s”

This wasn’t necessary, but it’s a seriously classy touch and I’m glad they saved me some googling haha.

Though I’m by no means an expert in psychic phenomena, I am a psychic and work as one professionally. Though I’ve always been psychic, this isn’t something I really tried to develop or pay any attention to until the last few years, and this books hits all of the points I needed to learn to get started. The writing is clear and concise and easy for almost anyone to understand, and since the book is short it doesn’t take long for you to get through it.

If you do the exercises recommended, by the end of the book you will most definitely have a way better grasp on how your own psychic talents operate. You’ll know the difference between clairvoyants and mediums, you’ll know if you can read auras (it doesn’t always work the way you’d think!), you’ll have a better grasp of meditation with spiritual visualization, and you’ll know how to analyze any psychic messages you might already get.

I usually like to balance out these reviews by being upfront about what I disliked about the book, but my pros and cons list is totally one-sided. I just can’t recommend this enough to anyone who is just starting out their journey with psychic energy or spirituality, and anyone who likes retro occult vibes.

I’ll definitely be displaying this book with my Ouija board and Mattel palmistry set.

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