#30DaysMagicalRoots Day 2: Grounding

After two of the most hectic days of my life seeing “grounding” as today’s challenge was a very welcome sight. For those who aren’t familiar with it, grounding is a metaphysical exercise that connects you with the earth and leaves you feeling clear headed and stable.

Magickally speaking, grounding has a cleansing affect on your aura and energy, and allows you to work magick more effectively. When you’re all bogged down with everything weighing on your mind and bad vibes swirling around your aura your spells and intentions just won’t get out there. It also has a very calming and emotionally stabilizing effect on you. It’s a meditation that allows you to take time, to be still, and feel the energy of the earth.

My favourite method of grounding was written by Jack Smith in Coventry Magic (read the Book Review of Shadows here!) and encourages you to connect with each one of the elements individually until you feel connected with all of them, and thus everything. This is an especially great method of grounding if you’re looking to balance your emotions.

“When you find all the elements within yourself and bring them into focus at the same time, you create a natural connection to the source of all creation. Balancing the elements within your energy field brings a balance to allaspect of your life within that moment. Earth=commitment, water=passion, fire=will, and air=intent; when they are combined together, you have a magical formula.”

I sat outside and felt the breeze, and the heat of the sun on my skin, felt my feet stable on the earth, and drank a cold glass of water while I meditated. I felt instantly rejuvenated. If you want to try out this method of grounding, check out my ‘Grounding!’ video on Facebook.


If you need a little help connecting during the day, or don’t have time to necessarily stop and meditate, consider getting yourself a nice cluster of aragonite in an earthy brown or orange. Aragonite allows you to connect with your earth star chakra and fosters a strong connection to the planet. This of course goes both ways and could encourage you to do more for the planet, but that’s nothing to complain about! Hold this stone in your hands when you need to ground and connect. If you can imagine your own earth star, a few feet under your feet into the earth, glowing with a tube of light that comes up through your feet and into your other chakras, eventually looping back down. This will help you feel grounded and anchored. Keep the aragonite with you to maintain your connection.

Of course, my little grounding exercise took about 5 minutes, and although I felt a lot better, I still felt like I needed to ground. My nephew and I got dressed and walked to the grocery store, bought food to make a delicious and healthy dinner for the family, scooped up a bouquet of flowers, and stopped at a deli that supports the local mission to buy some suspended meals and coffees for someone in need. All of this made me feel grounded and connected to myself, my family, the city, and my local community.

Grounding isn’t always a meditation or an exercise, sometime’s it’s the way you live your life. Regular old mundane actions like grocery shopping and cooking can have an incredibly healing effect if you let yourself see them that way.

How are you grounding today? Share it online with the hashtag #30DaysMagicalRoots!




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