#TarotTuesday Reading – 8/14/2018

Hey witches!

I usually post myreadings on social media kind of exclusively, but today’s reading and interpretation went on a little longer than usual and is actually TOO LONG for instagram haha! So I’m posting the reading and results here, along with some links to info about lenormand cards and my deck – The Day of The Dead Lenormand.

Missed it this morning? You can still pick a set of cards for a reading now! Just intuitively pick one of the following sets of cards, or even use each set for a different question or issue! Once you have a set picked, check the results below.


See the original post on my Instagram.

Like the deck? I bought the Day of the Dead Lenormand directly from the artist back in 2012, after seeing it on a thread on Aeclectic Tarot, and I don’t think my exact deck is still being made, but the artist DOES have a cute new version that you can purchase with a matching spirit board cloth which I am seriously considering buying.



Please keep in mind I’m not a Lenormand expert and that I also lean heavily on my personal intuition during all readings.
#1 – Fox and Bouquet – The fox is cunning, sly, creative, and cunning. The fox also has an incredible survival instinct, and is very concerned with it’s own self interest. This seems negative! but there’s honestly nothing wrong with looking after yourself. This reading no doubt has to do with your job or career, or your own sense of self. Combined with the bouquet we have this image of prettiness, generosity, dating and social engagements, and gift giving. If you’re thinking about your career now you should focus on getting what it is you want or need, and not only working for the interests of others. You also have some real brown-nosing in your future – either at you or from you. Be on the look out for co-workers or job situations that seem too sickly sweet! The fox could also symbolize that it’s time for you to focus on your own self care and self esteem. Start with the help of beauty and pleasentries.  this stuff seems shallow but honestly a spa day can do a lot of good – as long as you don’t forget to focus on the deeper issues too. A few other keywords for these cards are things like bootlicker, peacock, tarted up and plastic surgery. If you have a date or are a sex worker, beware of dates or clients that seem to lay it on a little too thick for the next little while. You’re already a cautious and cunning fox…. but still.
The Fox on Anna K. Tarot | The Fox on Labyrinthos
Bouquet on Anna K. Tarot | Bouquet on Labyrinthos


#2 – Heart and Tree – It’s no surprise I’m sure that the heart symbolizes a situation in love – not necessarily romantic, but love for sure. The tree is a symbol of growth, health, and stability. If relationships with others are a focus for you right now, these cards are a reminder to nourish the growth of all of your relationships and practice gentleness and forgiveness with those you truly love and depend on. It could also mean that a new relationship with tremendous growth potential is on the horizon! If your relationship with yourself is more pressing now, turn that love inward. The tree focuses on our health – emotional, spiritual, and physical. Show love toward your body with movement and gentleness, and focus on your own personal growth right now. Of course, this could also be literal and you may need to focus on the health of your actual heart! Visit a doctor, try a new way of eating, start exercising (with no pressure!), and care for your heart because it’s what sustains you and allows you to grow.
The Heart on Anna K. Tarot | The Heart on Labyrinthos
The Tree on Anna K. Tarot | The Tree on Labyrinthos


#3 – Whip and Ship – The whip and the ship! This is actually a very pressing and striking card combo. The whip is a card representative of pain, abuse, punishment, “justice” and even shame and self hatred. it tells me you’re dealing with some sort of conflict, either from outside of yourself or within. The ship is telling you it’s time for a change in scenery and to GTFO of the path of danger. The most literal meaning here is that if you are in a situation where someone is hurting or abusing you, it’s time to start gathering your supplies to get out and get away. The ship doesn’t represent an immediate, spontaneous departure, but it does signify that you’re already on the path of change as far as fate is concerned. The pain and abuse can also becoming from within yourself, and the ship’s message is the same – it’s time to leave that behind. Leave behind your shame, the elements of your life that hurt you, and all of your own self-destructive behaviour. On the flip side, this might be a great time to explore BDSM – maybe while abroad? Oh my.
The Whip on Anna K. Tarot | The Whip on Labyrinthos
The Ship on Anna K. Tarot | The Ship on Labyrinthos
Lenormand decks are very different from classical tarot decks, and one of the things that makes it unique is that drawing only 1 card is kind of…. pointless? Not entirely, but your first card (in a 2 card draw) is the Issue itself, as a noun. The second is the attribute or adjectives concerning the issue. As you pull cards you eventually create kind of a storyboard you can follow from beginning to end. If you have your own lenormand deck at home, draw the cards you chose, and see if you can continue the story!

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