Book Review of Shadows: Light Magic for Dark Times by Lisa Marie Basile #witchreads

🔮🔮🔮🔮🔮/5!“Luna Luna Magazine’s Lisa Marie Basile shares spells, rituals, and practices, including A spell to banish recurring nightmares A graveyard meditation for engaging with death A mermaid ritual for going with the flow A zodiac practice for tapping into celestial mojo A rose-quartz elixir for finding self-love A spell to recharge after a protest or social justice work + crystals, herbs, sigil magic, fashion magic, shadow work, and sex magic These 100 spells are ideal for those inexperienced with self-care rituals, as well as experienced witches. They can be cast during a crisis or to help prevent one, to protect loved ones, to welcome new beginnings, to heal from grief, or to find strength. Feminist, easy-to-do, and accessible, this is the perfect guide for anyone looking to live an inspired life. ”  –

This is absolutely one of my favourite new witch books of the year, if not ever. I am in love with everything about it. As soon as it arrived, courtesy of the author Lisa 💜, I gasped at how gorgeous of a book it really is. Hardcover, pink marble motif, thick pages with hand-drawn images and water colour accents throughout. It fits in my purse and looks great on my coffee table haha. I remember when Lisa asked if I’d like a copy to review I told her that I desperately needed some light magic because I’ve been going through some dark times myself, and I found this book so comforting, compassionate, and inspirational. 

I’ll be honest, as soon as I saw the book online I knew I’d love it, and actually use it. This is a great addition to the newest crop of witch books out there that ditch the old rules and over-blown ritual and instead focus on self-improvement, happiness, security, and an openness about all kinds of love. The spells and rituals you find in here are short, most taking up only a page, but it’s because it encourages you to make the spell or ritual into what you want. It leaves it open. It encourages creativity, shows you how to write incantations and magical poems, and most of the spells call for nothing more than a pen and paper and your intention. I love it.

The book is divided into 9 chapters, not including the awesome forward by Kristen J. Sollee (author of Witches, Sluts, Feminists), and an introduction by the author that explains some of the basics like Who is a Witch?, Do I need to believe in God?, and techniques for grounding, cleansing, and recognizing your intention. From there you move through topics like Love, Grief and Trauma, Shadow Work, and Writing Magic. If you’re a life-long witch a lot of the things in here will seem like they’re only for beginners, but there’s nothing wrong with getting back to basics. Likewise, you’ll see a bunch of modern touches that are new to witch books. There are bath spells, candle spells, writing rituals and meditations, altar practices, sigils and mojo bags. 

Let’s talk about the writing for a minute. Lisa is a poet and the founder of Luna Luna Magazine, an online witch community that publishes poetry, spells, essays and interviews. It’s clear right away that the person writing the book has a real talent. The whole book feels warm and compassionate. The language is simultaneously beautiful and poetic, and very casual. Like I’m reading the script from an actual conversation with a friend. While reading it you might find yourself reading a lot of the pages to a rhythm, like a poem or spoken word piece. I know I did. The whole book just flows together. 

So far my favourite chapters are 5 – identity and body – and 6 – shadow work. In identity and body, she has a spell for getting comfortable with a workout routine, and another one for self-love for those with chronic illness that I loved. I am knee-deep in the shadow work chapter and found myself a shadowy archetype, started a journal, illuminated my shadows, and disposed of serious psychic garbage. My counsellor has actually noticed! We’re working on self-esteem right now in treatment and she commended me on how well I got in touch with myself and how deep I dug. I feel amazing. 

I genuinely recommend this book to everyone. If you’re new to magic and spirituality you need not feel intimidated by the spells in Light Magic for Dark Times. Everyone has dark times, and so the book is really written for everyone and anyone. If you’re a seasoned pro this book will still teach you things and help you. If you’re just looking to start journaling for self-help or self-improvement or are currently going through treatment for mental health this book has a lot for you! It’s totally non-denominational and can be used along with religious practices, or without. The only thing I could find to dislike was the size of the font. it’s a very light, skinny font (which I like), but if you have issues with small print I would opt for the digital version (I bet the pictures are amazingly vibrant on a screen!) or get something for magnification. 

Everyone goes through dark times. We’re all going through something pretty dark right now! The world is changing and change is always difficult. Light Magic for Dark Times offers you ways to not only soothe yourself and honour your own darkness, but you make your light burn bright enough to enact change in the lives of others. 


p.s. In the resource section of the back of the book you might see a familiar podcast!!! I’m still freaking out about it!!! Right between the Witch Wave and Serpent Cast – BOTH OF WHICH I RECOMMEND. Actually I recommend everything here. God, this is awesome. 


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