Sketchy Herbs & Magic Rocks: Snow Quartz + Nutmeg


Tonight I’ve got a sketchy herb (spice, actually) and magic rock perfect for working with tonight’s full moon in chill af Taurus and the general vibe of the season – snow quartz and nutmeg.

My own lil’ heart-shaped piece of snow quartz

Snow Quartz

Type of Mineral: Silicon Dioxide, opaque quartz
Astrological: Capricorn
Element: Water
Chakra: Crown, Brow
Energies: Cooling emotions, protection from winter and cold, easing you through difficulty, silence, peace, love and luck

Snow Quartz has much of the same energy of the regular clear quartz, but feels a little bit more deliberate and slowed down. If you live or work in a frantic environment, snow quartz can be used to cool energies and slow everything down. It has a very deep and long lasting energy, and is excellent for facilitating meditation. I’ve always found Snow Quartz to be especially helpful for cooling fights between family or in relationships- especially if you live together. Give it as a gift to someone to help rebuild bridges or mend fences, or if there is an especially tense or explosive situation going on at home, place the snow quartz in a bowl of snow and allow it to melt in the area of your home that deals with that energy and either dump the water outside or use it as a room spray/floor wash.

Tonight’s full moon is in the sign of Taurus, and is often known as the frost, beaver, or snow moon. Taurus is a very sensual earth sign with a very languid energy, which is great for working with this variety of quartz. If you got a huge snowfall like I did today, collect some fresh snow in a jar, add your snow quartz and leave it in the moonlight to create some lunar water with a cooling and calming vibe.


Botanical name: Myristica fragrans
Element: Fire, Air
Astrological: Jupiter, Mercury; Sagittarius
Chakra: Third Eye
Energies: Psychic abilities, luck, money, health, love and attraction, legal battles, divination, travel, clairvoyance

Nutmeg, as well as being totally delicious, is a serious good luck charm, money drawer, and is rumoured to create psychic visions when consumed in tea. Nutmeg is a staple around the holidays in things like egg nog, pies, on meats and sweet potatoes and if you’re a brilliant genius like I am you’ll fresh grind some right into your coffee as it’s brewing! If you want to get technical, there are actually two separate spices derived from Nutmeg, with the actual seed being one (this is the nutmeg you’re familiar with) and a lace-like outer covering called Mace, which has a different flavour entirely. Unfortunately finding nutmeg with the mace intact can be fairly difficult, unless you have a caribbean or indonesian grocery nearby! (if you do, send ME some!) however the energy of both, and indeed the whole tree, is present in the Nutmeg – the seed of the tree. You can carry the nutmeg whole in a pocket or mojo bag for good luck, especially in money dealings or games of chance.

Nutmeg’s aid in psychic abilities is partly based on myth, and partly on science. Consuming very large amounts of nutmeg can have hallucinogenic effects similar to LSD, but also comes with severe… uh… gastrointestinal distress. Nutmeg’s pleasant flavour is also much less pleasant in astronomical quantities. Nostradamus was rumoured to drink a Nutmeg infusion to help produce his psychic visions, and Malcolm X stated he tried a tea made of nutmeg while in prison for the psychoactive effects. Rather than trying to poison oneself to reach a higher state, consider burning nutmeg with your incense blend, or rubbing nutmeg oil on your temples or third eye. Of course, sprinkling some in a drink like coffee or milk or on cheese won’t hurt either.
Nutmeg has an attractive quality and is useful in love spells, money drawing, or generally making yourself stand out. Share nutmeg flavoured foods and drinks with someone you love or are trying to court (that expression needs to come back it’s so cute).

I grind fresh nutmeg into my coffee grinds before pouring over hot water for a psychic brew before tarot reading or when I need to feel extra intuitive and on the ball.

Both of these magical tools are perfect for tonight’s full moon. Equally chill and fiery, peaceful and sexy – just like Taurus. The full moon is also an excellent time for meditation and divination and both nutmeg and snow quartz connect us with our third eye and psychic abilities. Try meditating with the cool quartz right on your third eye, and add nutmeg to tea or coffee (in moderation!) to make your own psychic brew.

Stay cool, witches!

Looking for a great tea that blends well with nutmeg or just cold nights? Try Pears and Cinnamon Herbal or Deluxe Pumpkin Spice Teas from Plum Deluxe! Both teas have a warm and spicy flavour, but while pears and cinnamon is sweet and clarifying, the pumpkin spice is deep and rich.

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