Tarotscopes March 2020

I can’t believe we’re already heading into March! That means the spring equinox is just around the corner and we’re coming into a period of growth and fertility in our lives. We’re also still grappling with Mercury Retrograde, but hopefully this month’s tarotscopes can help you navigate the month ahead.

In honor of Black History Month I chose Miss Cleo’s Power Tarot Deck which features all black egyptian characters; and the Music Oracles deck! Actually, I only pulled from the black artists from the music oracles! So for every sign I’ve got a black musician to inspire you for the entire month.


Aries ♈ March 21 – April 19

6 of Swords

Have you been struggling these past few weeks, aries? finding yurself leaving something or someone behind? The 6 of swords is all about moving toward something better, so that’s a good sign. The catch with 6’s is to look to the people around you – who can help you now, and who can you help on their own journey? You may find yourself playling the ferryman or the rider this month, so keep your wits and words at the ready.

Jimi Hendrix – November 27th, 1942 – Sagittarius

Jimi Hendrix was, like many great and sexy rockstars from his time, a super fiery sagittarius. Like, he literally set his own guitar on fire. His clothing was loud, his music was loud, and he was impossible to ignore. This month, let Jimi convince you to let out your inner fire – but like it says on the card, “if you live in a room full of mirrors, all you will see is yourself“. Don’t forget to learn from others and include them in your life.

Taurus ♉ April 20 – May 20

Page of cups

Pages usually bring a message, and your message this month is about love in all forms. The way to get this message? Through intuition. This is shaping up to be an emotional month for you, Taurus, and not even in a bad way! Talk to your trusted friends and family about love, tell them you love them and let them say the same to you! The character on this card on talking to a fish in a chalice – not exactly a super grown-up situation here. Listen to your inner child and let yourself enjoy some youthful enthusiasm and fun in march.

Prince – June 7th, 1958 – Gemini

I love the lifestyle advice on this card: “Never lose touch with your colourful side“. This is perfect advice for you this month – don’t be afraid to be yourself and let your most interesting and artistic self run wild. be open to magic, to love, to sex, to new experiences (if those are your thing!) Don’t hide yourself to appease anyone.

Gemini ♊ May 21 – June 20

2 of Swords

Like the woman in the card, you may be trying to shield yourself from things that are painful or scary that you see happening around you. On the card the woman is hiding from Anubis the god of mummification and the afterlife. Shutting out the world will not do you any good this month, dear Gemini. I know the world is a scary place, but there’s a lot of good and beauty out there too! Though anubis presided over the end of life, he was also the patron of lost souls and those who felt helpless. This month, work on opening your heart and putting in real effort to look at the world for what it is – a complicated but loving place.

ella fitzgerald – april 25th, 1917 – Taurus

Oh Ella. Ella came from ABSOLUTE crushing poverty and lived on the streets of Harlem while she built up her singing career. She became recognized as one of the most incredible voices in the world, and was one of the first black women to reach a level of respect in the jazz community. Ella had perfect pitch and legend has it musicians used to tune up to the sound of her voice! The advice I want you to take from this card is “intuition beats experience”. I know the world looks, pardon my french, fucked up right now; but you have a lot of days ahead and for all you know something much better is coming up at the next crossroads. Trust your gut! Your inner strength!

Cancer ♋ June 21 – July 22

The Star

Look at all these stars, cancer! This is a very auspicious omen and I predict a very good month for you. The star is the card of hope, faith, and finding your purpose. The priest in the card is kneeling by a river to wich water is flowing – but if you look in the background you see he’s found himself a desert oasis. A sign of hope and divine blessings! This is a good month to work on your intuition and psychic power, and nourish your spiritual side.

Marvin gaye – april 2nd, 1939 – aries

Marvin Gaye is one of my absolute favourite artists, no doubt because he’s always been my dad’s favourite. He was a troubled, but beautiful soul. Though his life was cut short, in that time we poured his heart out to express love and longing and the desire to do what’s right and be GOOD. His songs are filled with hope and his voice is smooth and clear like a starry night. “A selfless heart is all you need to get by”.

Leo ♌ July 32 – August 22

5 of cups

This card looks difficult, and indeed all 5 represent challenges in our life, but in this one we actually see the moment when you begin to move beyond hardship. This month will be one for reflection and looking back on some of the things you’ve overcome – damn you, mercury retrograde! – but it’s also a great time to recognize what you have! Though 3 cups have fallen, 2 remain and all is not lost. Now is the time to be grateful for what you have left, and let yourself heal before moving on to next step. The good news is, the future is bright for you!

tina turner – November 26th, 1939 – Sagittarius

When it comes to bouncing back after strife, Tina Turner is the ultimate influence. This fellow fire sign survived poverty, teen pregnancy, single parenthood, and then a tumultuous and abusive relationship with Ike, her partner in music. She’s an absolute badass, and defies stereotypes about age, beauty, and strength. “The most beautiful lotus blooms in the deepest mud” is great advice for you here – you may have been through hard times, but it’s all a part of the growing process and something new and beautiful will come from it.

Virgo ♍ August 23 – September 22

3 of coins

Manifestation! Money! Hard work! It’s your favourite shit, virgo! This month you’ll be taking the first steps on a new plan or project, maybe a new job or new collaboration. Threes always represent working with others and the benefits of team work so don’t shoulder the pentacles of coins alone – work with others to keep it up. It will be a very creative month where you will have tons of ideas of how to get things done – which is great! but your ideas will flourish with input from others you trust.

Grace Jones – may 19th, 1948 – Taurus

Grace Jones transcended everything other people thought she should be. She existed between time and places, between styles, and between genders. She was a renegade and a walking work of art. This fellow earth sign encourages you to think outside the box, go in new directions, and don’t be afraid to get OUT THERE. You can be kind of a stuffy and uptight sign with a bit of a work addiction, but you can channel that into a fabulous life full of outrageous experiences that happen to pad your wallet to the max. “Harness the power of an unexploded bomb, always waiting, always ticking.”

Libra ♎ September 23 – October 22

knight of swords

The knight of swords isn’t always seen as a positive character, but I find them to be smart, cunning, spontaneous, and courageous. This airy knight uses their words a lot, but sometimes (like during mercury retrograde!) that impulsive and brash communication style can get them in trouble. This month choose your words wisely and take a little extra time to communicate your ideas effectively. If you get a chance to take a risk for something great, feel the fear and charge forward anyway!

Miles davis – may 26th, 1926 – gemini

This fellow air sign was deep, poetic, and a musical alchemist. He could mix and match unlikely musical elements and to form songs and styles that seemed to say as much between the lines of music as they did in the sound and lyrics. “Progress is not impossible without shock” is a great message for you this month – don’t be afraid to think outside the box and dive into something new. It might be scary, but fear is part of the transformation.

Scorpio ♏ October 23 – November 21


What an incredible combination you’ve got here, scorpio. You’re one of the most psychic signs in the zodiac (along with Nina’s sign of pisces) and this month you may feel heightened intuition and connection to your instincts. You’ll come up against issues on confidence and inner strength, and you have the skills to meet every test! Balance your animal instincts with your ability to show compassion to those of all walks of life, and don’t be afraid of taking on a leadership role.

nina simone – february 21st, 1993 – pisces

NINA. Nina Simone has one of the most incredible voices and styles of ALL TIME. She really is the epitome of inner strength and dominance over a world that was determined to make her it’s prey. She was outspoken about social justice and civil rights, and many of her most incredible songs are heart-wrenching and genuinely difficult to listen to at times. (Strange Fruit is probably one of the hardest songs to listen to, but it’s so necessary.) Nina’s card asks you to remember that “there is nothing more beautiful than speaking truth to power”– you scorpios love secrets and shadows and artistic dances around the truth, but this month be blunt when you need to and share the absolute truth.

Sagittarius ♐ November 22 – December 21

Ace of Cups

The aces all signify a new beginning, and this one is full of love. You’re fiery nature will have to go with the flow this month and focus on the love you have all around you. Take stock of the ways you give and receive love, and what kind of love makes you cup spillth over. You may also find you intuition and spidey senses heightened, and it’s a great month for you to learn some new psychic or magical skill.

diana ross – march 26th, 1944 – Aries

This fellow fire sign is with you this month and pushing you toward a bright new future! You may find yourself with some excess energy and dancing could bring you some great moments of clarity; and an excuse to get dolled up to meet new people. The OG Dream Girl with the diva attitude from the projects of Detroit is the perfect glitzy glam side kick for your bright personality. As the card says: “if a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing in a ball gown”, so think about your own beauty and glamour and ways you can use it to captivate those around you.

Capricorn ♑ December 22 – January 19

7 of staffs

Well my fellow capricorns, this card isn’t like, AMAZING, but it’s not bad. This month’s theme for us is PERSEVERANCE. You may find yourself needing to defend all that you’ve created or worked for from those who are jealous or looking to capitalize on your success. Get the upper hand by deciding you don’t care what others think! The 7s in the tarot are very solitary cards, so you’ll need to rely on your own innate power to get you through March victorious, so trust in yourself and don’t back down!

billie holiday – april 7, 1915 – Aries

“You have no understudy” – you are the best version of yourself you can be, and no one else would do the show quite the same. Billie Holiday’s difficult life plagued with institutionalized racism, substance abuse, and victimization in relationships tends to over-shadow her extremely beautiful voice and talent. She’s a great inspiration to remind you not to let the myths and rumors overshadow who you are and what makes you amazing. There’s only one you and it’s the best thing you can be when times are tough.

Aquarius ♒ January 20 – February 18

page of coins

Are you starting a new journey in the realm of work or finances this month, aquarius? The page of coins heralds a time of increased prosperity, growth, and ingenuity. You may get news about money, a job, finances, or real estate this month. You can see the page in the card is taking a step onto a concrete slab from the lush green of the ground – they’re taking their first steps toward building something. What an exciting time! Lean on your enthusiasm, creativity, and ability to think outside the box to start building something beautiful

Miriam makeba – March 4th, 1932 – Pisces

Miriam makeba, also known as Mama Africa, was an outspoken civil rights activist who fought against apartheid in south africa while releasing incredible afropop and jazz records in both english and in the mbube style, similar to Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Her music was hopeful and inspirational, and reminded people not to keep quiet about atrocities in the world. There is strength in sharing your struggles, and also your joy. “Your joy makes fools of your oppressors” is such fantastic advice. Stay positive and out-there this month, my dear Aquarians!

Pisces ♓ February 19 – March 20

Wheel of fortune

Can I just say that although this card features all the same signs the wheel of fortune usually does, in this deck it actually makes sense and sends a real message! The egyptian imagery looks good on egyptian style cards – who knew?! This card is right up your alley in some way Pisces – it’s about mysticism, the occult, magic, and fate. It can also be slightly chaotic, which isn’t always your style. This month you’ve embarked on the first steps of a path that will lead you toward your destiny. You may also find yourself thinking about past lives and other issues of karma. You may find march to be kind of fast moving! Hang on tight, nd enjoy the ride!

james brown – may 3rd, 1933 – taurus

You may not know what direction you’re moving in this month, but don’t let it get in your way – “when you’re ready to get on up it’s time to get down“. Ride the wave and don’t be afraid to make real things happen in this funky, funky time. If you find yourself with excess energy this month, get physical to get it out with dance, exercise, or just movement in general. This might be a month you get a gym membership, start walking, or hit up the club on weekends. That will help you keep your mind straight while the world changes around you.

I hope these cards and artists serve as inspiration throughout the whole month. The songs I chose work specifically for what’s going on in your cards, but I highly recommend making the artists songs part of your regular rotation this month to keep you on track.

Keep on groovin’, witches!

I just put out a whole episode about music + magic!

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