Sketchy Herbs & Magic Rocks: Mulberry & Honey Calcite

In my most recent podcast episode Episode 76 – Skip to My LUGH!, I shared a sketchy herb (magical plant) and magic rock (crystal) perfect for the sunny season of abundance that follows Lughnasadh on August 1st – mulbery and honey calcite.

Both of these magical allies attract abundance to you, but they also help you share that abundance with the world around you.


  • Botanical name: Morus alba, rubra, and nigra
  • Element: Air
  • Astrological: Venus, Mercury; Libra
  • Chakra: Crown, root, sacral
  • Energies: Bird magic, attraction, love, prosperity (morus alba), abundance, willpower, psychic dreams, vision, open mind, intellectual stimulation, eloquence, wisdom, strength, poetry and writing skill (morus negra), gratitude, sustainability, connection, healing, comfort, balance

The wood, leaves, and berries of all varieties of mulberry tree have uses in magic. The white variety is a favourite with silkworms and calls in prosperity, while the black variety was beloved by Shakespeare and other poets and storytellers. Berries can be eaten to open the crown chakra, induce psychic vision, inspire wisdom and intellectual power, and attract abundance. The wood makes wands that increase strength and willpower, or writing tools to help with writer’s block or composing poetry. The leaves can be added to charm bags for strength and protection, or dream pillows to create a psychic connection. It’s aligned with the element of air, and its co-ruler ship by Venus and Mercury (as well as its ancient association with Athena) make it a Libra plant that brings in energy of balance and justice. Mulberries are a great tool in magic for feeding the hungry, spreading abundance, encouraging more sustainable practices, and connecting us with each other.

In North America, red mulberry (morus rubra) trees are the most common variety but in Canada the mulberry is actually considered at risk and even endangered. Probably because it’s mostly forgotten! It’s common in gardens, fields, and abandoned areas, and considered a weed. In late July when the fruit is ripe, the deep purple-black juice of the berries stains concrete and clothing that gets in its way – because people don’t harvest them. Mulberry trees make abundance sound like an understatement, producing many pounds of delicious food that goes mostly wasted. People pull them out to avoid the mess of the juice and to get all the birds that feast on them out of their yard. It’s honestly kind of grotesque considering how many people out there are going hungry, and how many birds lose their habitats to us. This makes mulberry a magical ally in the fight for sustainability and food equality for all. Consider harvesting mulberries if they’re still ripe where you are, or using the ones you’ve already gathered (you smart witch) to make pies or muffins or wine. They’re delicious!

Another fun bonus is that bunnies love the berries and the wood is good for chewing and keeping their teeth in check. It’s tasty wood to them, and has nutrients of its own so snap a twig off, clean it, and give it to your bunny friend!

You can find a Honey calcite charm bag spell in my new book The Grimoire Journal – out now!

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Honey Calcite

  • Type of Mineral: calcium carbonate
  • Astrological: Leo
  • Element: Fire, Air
  • Chakra: Solar Plexus, Third Eye
  • Energies: Creativity, courage, long term goals, clarity of insight, persistence, intellectual power, learning new skills, self-worth, conquering challenges, overcoming procrastination, gratitude, expressing your creativity, gently clearing stuck emotions, balance, abundance, healing mental blockages caused by poverty or scarcity, maintaining focus on the big picture, vision, humanitarianism

Worn on the body, Honey Calcite can help you feel energized, excited, enthusiastic and even courageous. It’s great to wear on rings or bracelets as its energy is great for craftsmen and artists. This stone also has very interesting specific vibes when it comes to money and abundance – mainly helping people deal with the after effects of living in poverty or with hunger. It’s often pretty patronizing when someone talks about having a “scarcity mindset”, but the truth is living as a poor person really colours your perception of the world and society. It can be hard to let go of some of the habits and beliefs you had concerning scarcity when you’re no longer poor. Like… it can take years. Living with a lack of food and constant state of hunger affects your ability to even recognize what it feels like to be hungry or not hungry. When you have no food, you don’t stop to consider if it’s food you like or if it’s good for you just eat it. You learn to cook certain dishes and with certain ingredients – or without certain ingredients! You can also be anxious and afraid of constantly running out which drives you absolutely mad pun intended. Honey Calcite helps you deal with those feelings over time by reminding you to take stock of what you really have and be grateful for it; to slow down and look at food in a new way. Honey calcite has this air element association so it works with your mind and thoughts. It’s like a little CBT crystal. In general it’s great for working on projects, especially ones that are big or long term. It can help you absorb more info when you’re learning new skills, express your creativity, and go out and courageously help your fellow man.

There’s no bad time of year to bring in prosperity and abundance and share it around! Freeze mulberries, or treats made with them, to be able to access their magic all year. Consider planting a tree in your yard and harvesting the fruit next year to feed the local birds and people!

Listen to the episode where this herb and rock were featured!

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