Magical Domination?

If you listened to my latest episode – BANEFUL BITCHCRAFT – you heard me announce that I’ll be doing a series of episodes about baneful magic, curses, hexes, defensive magic, and other types of magic formerly considered taboo.

“I am working on an episode all about domination magic and I wondered if there are any sex witches out there who use domination magic in a sexual context. If magic and BDSM ever blend. Omg AND I wondered if magical domination could be kink? It would be super niche but Like, imagine a dominatrix witch casting curses on a client as part of their like… agreement. Forgive me I am not super well-versed on the kink and bdsm lifestyle. This is just something I began thinking of. So many people find BDSM very empowering, and for someone who’s been victimized domination magic can be very empowering. So I’m just putting it out there that if this is a topic you know a lot about, if this a part of your practice or your work as a sex worker, I would absolutely LOVE to hear it. Likewise if any of you work incredibly closely with Santa Marta Dominadora or St Martha the Dominator and would like to talk to me about that relationship and how you began that magical work for the same episode I’m all ears.”

Domination Magic

Domination, Commanding, and Controlling are from a family of hoodoo spells to assist one in gaining power over and individual or entity. It’s often used in matters of love (to keep a lover), work (to control or take control back from a boss), protection (commanding an abuser to turn themselves in or stay away from you), and even just general mastery over skills or competitions.

from Lucky Mojo Curio Co.

There are many traditional methods and recipes for domination magic in hoodoo, but one I find particularly interesting is beseeching St Martha the Dominator and Dragon Slayer for help. Though St Martha can be asked for help in any situation, she’s often referenced in spells to protect housewives, women, and mothers take control of their lives and safety. I have recommended a 9 tuesday Novena to St Martha to countless women for these purposes and even prayer to her myself. She’s probably the only saint I’ve become attached to. I would love to hear from anyone who works with St Martha on the regular, how you began, and your relationship with her.

If you work with domination magic as a regular part of your practice, incorporate BDSM into sex magic practices, have experience with magical domination fetishes, or have any sources you know of where I can begin to learn more – please fill out the form below with any info you want to share, your pronouns, and if you’d like to be publically credited if your info ends up in the episode.

More about Santa Marta La Dominadora at

St Martha from Guides to the Underworld

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