The Nine Tuesdays of Saint Martha the Dominator

Saint Martha the dragon slayer!

Tuesday is the day to petition St. Martha the Dominator, the patron saint of housewives and service people! Also known as Santa Marta Dominadora, she is the dragon-slaying, snake-charming badass sister of Mary Magdalene and Lazarus (the one who rose from the dead!) who can help petitioners gain the upper hand in relationships and at work through domination.

Often, when we hear the word “domination” – in any context – we assume it’s a person with power controlling someone with less power but this can also happen in reverse. When someone from a position of oppression or victimization gains power over their oppressor or abuser they gain the ability to dominate that person or situation in an act of self-defense.

Dragon-slaying, you say? YES. Martha witnessed Jesus raising her brother Lazarus from the dead, and was present during Jesus’s own resurrection. Afterwards, she moved to Europe to help spread the word of the lord. In France, Martha came to the town of Tarascon in the provence region and found the townspeople plagued by a dragon known as the Tarasque. With nothing but a cross and holy water, Martha rebuked the beast in the name of the lord, tied her scarf around it’s neck, and walked it around town to show that it was no longer a threat. European images of Martha often depict her walking the dragon on a leash like a pet.

Santa Marta la Dominadora

In African Traditional Religions like Lucumi and Hoodoo, Santa Marta’s dragon is replaced by a pair of tamed serpents, which were important spiritual beings in the Dahomey kingdom of Africa where many people were taken for the Atlantic Slave Trade. In this incarnation, Marta is often beseeched for matters of love and relationships like bringing back a straying lover or forcing an abusive partner out of your life; and issues at work like a domineering coworker or exploitative employer. She can be petitioned in the most dire of circumstances, and though she won’t bestow great wealth, she’ll get you the money you need to get by when things are bad.

Santa Marta candles and oils are my go-to recommendation for people leaving abusive homes or relationships and looking to add spiritual energy to their plan. Likewise for those with serious trouble at work due to a coworker, immediate boss, or employer exploiting them and their labour. As the patron of housewives, she is often called on by women to help them dominate or gain the upper hand over men, but as long as you are NOT the abuser in the situation and you present offerings when asking for her aid 9 tuesdays in a row, she will consider helping you.

Santa Marta is what’s known as a “hot” saint, meaning that petitioning her without leaving offerings almost always guarantees your magic will fail. Luckily, Martha’s offerings are not extravagant or rare! Her favourite is sweet breads like pound cake, but also like perfume, white wine, white flowers, and clean water. Once your request is granted it’s also customary to make a donation to charity or church in your community.

Over 9 consecutive Tuesdays, light a St. Martha candle or a green candle dressed with St. Martha oil at your altar. Pray to the Saint and ask for help with your specific issue, and leave an offering for her. On the 9th tuesday she’s said to help with your situation, or even intercede in some other way that’s more appropriate. If your situation is longer-lasting, or if you feel a stronger connection to St. Martha, you can continue burning candles to her on Tuesdays and offering whatever you can.

In St. Martha, Joseph Duvalier gives the following prayer you can use while petitioning the saint:

O glorious Saint Martha,
I have recourse to your protection and aid,
And as proof of my affection and faith
I promise faithfully to complete this novena.

Comfort me in my difficulties
And intercede for my family
With your intimate friend, our savior,
That we may always hold God in our hearts
And be provided for in our necessities.

I beg your supplications
Especially in behalf of the favor
I ask of you in this novena.

(mention your request).

I ask you, Saint Martha,
By your intercession to help me
In overcoming all my difficulties
And to teach me to become great
In the Kingdom of Heaven
By becoming as humble as you
In this world. Amen.

-Duvalier, James. Saint Martha. Kindle Edition.

Stargazing on Mars

In astrology, Tuesdays are ruled by the planet Mars, which is all about action and energy and power – a truly dominant force. This makes all tuesdays great for magic to increase your power or make moves toward getting what you want. Symbols like fire, dragons and serpents bring in good fortune, sensuality, and psychic power, while firey crystals like carnelian and garnet can help you feel more in control of your life and circumstances. Combine this with the dominating energy of Santa Marta and you’ll be unstoppable!

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Do you work with domination magic on the regular, or combine domination/BDSM with your magical practice? I want to hear about it!

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