Get a FREE Personal Numerology Handout!

Today’s episode is about NUMEROLOGY – divination using the spiritual vibration of individual numbers. Just like astrology, there are fortune telling methods and also personal exploration methods.

I’ll be talking about both today, and also about how difficult math and numbers are for me! Wild, right? Since many of you said numbers are hard for you as well, I decided to make up a little PDF you can print out and use to follow along with the personal numerology portion of today’s show.

Personal Numerology HandoutDownload

For more detailed descriptions of each number and what it means about you, check out these books I used to do research for today’s episode – and tune in later tonight for the latest episode of The Fat Feminist Witch!

In Focus Numerology on Goodreads
The Ultimate Guide to Numerology on Goodreads
The Numerology Handbook on Goodreads

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