The Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks this Week!

Hello cosmic conjurers! It’s that time of year again – when the Perseid Meteor Shower reaches it’s peak and tons of shooting stars will be visible between midnight and dawn! We got lucky and the shower follows close on the heels of the Leo new moon, which means you won’t have too much light interference in the sky keeping you from seeing the debris of the Swift-Tuttle Comet race across the sky. (though technically I guess we’re the ones racing across them?)

This annual meteor shower begins in July and ends later in August, but right around the middle of the month the shower reaches it’s peak you can see up to 60 meteors an hour, and in some years this number has jumped to 100/hour! This year the peak is Wednesday August 11th to Friday the 13th (yes for real!!!!!).

Perseid Meteor Shower 2021: All You Need To Know from

Like any other celestial event, the meteor shower is a good time to channel magical energy from the universe to pump up any of your magical workings. Of course, it’s also a perfect time to make wishes! Trying to manifest a new job? new love? new “foster” cat you’re just going to keep, who are you trying to fool? The Perseids are the perfect time to ask for it!

I’m a huge fan of star magic, and I’ve covered it a few times here on the blog and on the podcast – all of which you can find right here.

Episode 77 – Cosmic Conjure – This is a WHOLE EPISODE just about working magic with the stars and cosmos! I talk about finding a star of power (mine is Vega!), channeling stellar magic, working magic with the fixed stars, and casting spells with your eyes pointed UP.

#30DaysMagicalRoots Day 11: Write a Spell – For this fun internet challenge I wrote a little wishing well spell for the perseid meteor shower using shooting star charged water. The same way you make moon water by sitting it under the light of the full moon and filling it with your intentions, you can create shooting star water for manifestation and making your deepest wishes come true.

“If you want to harness the swiftly moving energy of shooting stars on a more long-term basis, consider making a jar of shooting star water. Simply put some clear water in a mason jar outside and hold it while you watch and enjoy the perseids. Instead of making individual wishes, focus the intention of manifesting your dreams into the water. If you want something to say (even if it’s not out loud) Scott Cunningham has a short and sweet spell for wishing on shooting stars that I love – “Meteorite charge my rite!”. When you go to bed leave the water outside under the stars, or put it in your window. The next day you can use the water, or if you want to preserve it consider adding a little alcohol and put it in droppers for use in potions or as an elixir you can take for when you need to make a big wish.”

#30DaysMagicalRoots Day 11: Write a Spell

Magic Rocks from Outer Space! + Sketchy Herbs & Magic Rocks: Borage + Galaxyite – I think crystals and stars are an amazing combination! They both tap into truly ancient wisdom and magic that predates us and seem to form the fabric of the world around us. You can take an extra step, and work with crystals of extra-terrestrial origin, or that capture the beauty and wisdom of the stars in their natural design like galaxyite.

Speaking of galaxyite! I’ve noticed that online it’s really common to refer to this stone as GALAXITE, probably because it sounds less clunky to people, but that’s actually the name of an entirely other stone. A few well-respected crystal sources have actually blended the history and origin and chemical makeup of these two crystals so I’m going to clear the air here!

Ok first of all they obviously look different, I don’t really need to point it out. While GALAXYITE is named for it’s cosmic appearance, GALAXITE was named after the place it was discovered – Galax, Virginia. The micro-labradorite stone was actually discovered right here in Canada – Quebec, to be precise – and has never been found anywhere else in the whole world! Maybe that’s why I was so bummed to be seeing it’s origins being mistakenly listed as Virgina – Galaxyite is a truly CANADIAN crystal.

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If you’re looking for a book to help you start your own cosmic practice, I recommend Star Magic by Sandra Kynes. Though information about magic to perform during meteor showers, specifically, is sparse, constellations in both the northern and southern skies are covered – telling you the myth that gave them their name, the culture that named them, and the energy of the stars in the group. She then gives you spells, rituals, or meditations ot help you connect with that particular star or constellation, and stars in general. I chose my star of power, Vega, intuitively using Scott Cunningham’s method but when I looked it up in Star Magic I was so delighted to see that it’s in the Lyra constellation! Shaped like a Lyre or Harp, this constellation is associated with music and art! Vega, specifically, was associated with Ma’at and called the vulture star by the ancient Egyptians. When I chose this star it’s because I felt something in my heart when I looked at it, so seeing that it’s associated with the goddess who weighs your heart I knew I’d made a real connection. The activity or meditation for the Lyra constellation is, unsurprisingly, musical and right up my alley. I’ve performed this short ritual many times on a blanket under the stars.

Buy Star Magic from

Buy Star Magic from

Buy Star Magic from

Buy Star Magic from

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Finally, star magic is a powerful tool for divination. Astrology is the most famous form of star magic and it’s existed for thousands of years all over the world! The movement of the stars and cosmic travelers have always meant something to us as humans, they’ve been employed as both a physical and metaphysical guide since before recorded history.

A direct method of stellar divination is called Star Scrying, which involves looking to the stars with your third eye wide open, and reading the patterns, shapes, colours, and twinkling of the stars above you. If you feel drawn to a particular star, look it up in a book like Star Magic to see what it means and the energy it brings to the universe, maybe the message is in it’s meaning!

If you’re looking for shapes and patterns in the stars you can use a list of symbols for other types of scrying, like crystal ball viewing or reading tea leaves. This list from The Mystic Tea Room is more than enough to get you started. Like all types of divination, though, the symbols you see with your intuition are better than any list written by someone else. For example, on that list a cat would represent deceit or gossip, but I find cats to be a symbol of comfort and love and magic! The image of a cat is unlikely to ever represent something negative to me, which is why you should work on your own list of symbols once you get the hang of it.

This is from my book The Grimoire Journal, which you can learn more about and get a copy of here

Whether or not you’ve got clear skies this week, I hope you all have a wondrous and magical meteor shower, my stellar witches, and that all your wildest wishes come true.

Need some tunes to inspire your star magic I, of course, have a playlist and am more than willing to share! Enjoy!

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