Introducing: Witchcraft for Emotional Wisdom!

I am so excited to announce my third book, Witchcraft for Emotional Wisdom, is being released on the Autumn Equinox of this year – September 21, 2021!

This book was written to help absolutely anyone use witchcraft and magic to help them heal from the past, be kinder to themselves, and form more intimate and nourishing relationships with the people they love.

This book is a little more personal than Green Witchcraft and The Grimoire Journal. This isn’t just a straight guide to witchcraft, it’s also a bit of a personal account of my own journey to heal from PTSD and Depression. It features the types of spells and rituals that helped me through therapy, medication changes, the loss of loved ones, and the realization that I was the only person who could truly heal me. This isn’t a stand-in for more traditional medical or psychiatric care, but a companion that can heal and nourish you on a spiritual and emotional level while you get well or just grow!

The Intro to Witchcraft for Emotional Wisdom

I have trauma in my past, and have been working through therapy and taking medications prescribed by my doctor – but that doesn’t have to be your story for you to get something from this book. You don’t have to be traumatized to get to know yourself better, to treat yourself with kindness and compassion, or to try and be a better friend (or make better friends!). You also don’t need to have experienced the same kind of trauma I have to find healing and hope in the pages of this book. Anyone can use witchcraft for emotional wisdom and healing!

How to use a journal for emotional healing from Witchcraft for Emotional Wisdom

Every chapter of Witchcraft for Emotional Wisdom deals with a different step along the path to healing to confronting past memories, healing relationships, making peace with difficult feelings and thoughts, self care, and carrying healing magic into your every day life. These chapters feature a collection of spells that, though different, are often connected to each other through tools like crystal healing and aromatherapy, astrological exploration, journaling, and tarot spreads to get to the heart of your issues and experiences.

From the Publisher:
Reclaim your power and heal from emotional pain using magic

It’s possible to live a peaceful, joy-filled life every day when you learn to let go of the pain and trauma that’s holding you back. Witchcraft for Emotional Wisdom is a supportive guide that will teach you how to access the deeper parts of yourself, gain control of your emotions, and put you on the path to healing by using the transformative powers of magic.

What sets Witchcraft for Emotional Wisdom apart:

  • Emotional witchcraft 101―Begin your journey by learning everything you need to know about the holistic practice of healing using modern witchcraft and how it can improve your life.
  • Wisdom and healing for all―This supportive guide is inclusive, welcoming, and includes insights and practices that can be used by both new and seasoned witches looking to enhance their craft.
  • Simple spells, rituals, and remedies―You’ll create a personal altar to practice your healing magic, blend botanical incense to clear your mind, make an empowering energy potion, and more using easy-to-find tools like crystals, candles, herbs, and tarot cards.

Restore your emotional health, better understand your feelings, and create a more magical life with Witchcraft for Emotional Wisdom.

If Witchcraft for Emotional Wisdom sounds like something that could help you on your healing or spiritual journey, it would mean so much to me if you’d pre-order the book! If you pre-order you won’t have to pay until the book actually ships, and you’ll get a really fun prize as a thank you! (More on that on Friday!) Pre-ordering lets my publisher, and book retailers, know that this book is needed and wanted on the market and allows more people to find it through recommendations!

Pre-order witchcraft for emotional wisdom 🇺🇸

If you have an amazon account and are willing to post an honest review of the book, you can also sign up to recieve a free copy before it’s released HERE!

I hope those of you who decide to read Witchcraft for Emotional Wisdom find healing and magic in it’s pages, but I also hope you feel how much love and care went into the book! Love for you, my listeners, and love for anyone struggling to feel well and happy and whole. This book is dedicated to “healers and survivors everywhere” because that’s exactly who I held in my mind and heart while I was writing it.

xo Paige Vanderbeck

3 thoughts on “Introducing: Witchcraft for Emotional Wisdom!

  1. Paige, I just listened to the podcast and preorderd while listening before you mentioned the bonus and now I can’t find how to get to the link. Here is my Order# 113-2497403-5373852. If you would be so kind as to send the info to I would greatly appreciate it. i love to listen to you on podcast! in my car every week!!


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