Planets Retrograde in January 2022 – #MercuryRetrograde

Mercury’s first retrograde period of 2022 is upon us! From January 14th to February the 3rd Mercury, the planet of communication and technology, will be moving in reverse– astrologically speaking. None of the planets actually suddenly go backwards in their orbit around the sun, but from our position on earth it can appear that way and so in the early days of astrology it was believed to be a time when the energy of the retrograde planet worked in an opposite manner.

Mercury is the one most people know about, mainly because it happens a few times every year. Other planets also go retrograde but the journeys are longer, and with planets very distant from our own that period can last 6 months or more. Mercury is retrograde for about 3 weeks because of it’s close proximity to the sun and quick motion, but it’s believed to wreak havoc in that short amount of time.

While I personally think the quick and quick-witted trickster god of roman mythology gets a real kick out of the infamy bestowed on his namesake, it is blown way out of proportion. Retrograde periods can be used to reflect on the themes under the rulership of each planet, and if you’re spiritually in tune with planetary energy, you may find yourself having issues with miscommunication, or your electronics, or travel delays when Mercury is going retro. More than anything it’s a time to chill out, go with the flow, and take your time making decisions and choosing your words. (honestly, that’s pretty good advice in general.)

Here’s a little cheat sheet for the retrograde planets of January 2022:

Mercury: 01/14 – 02/03

Keywords: Communication, Electronics, Travel Plans, Documents and Contracts, Slowing Down

Do: Backup electronics and files, double-check documents and social media statuses, tie up loose ends and finish old projects, clean and cleanse your house top to bottom

Don’t: Get scared and see MRx as an overwhelmingly negative experience, take chances with electronics, speak without thinking, instigate fights

Tips: Van Van oil is your friend around mercury retrograde. This hoodoo remedy for uncrossing is perfect to right the wacky energy of MRx. Light a candle covered in it, put it in room sprays and floor washes, and put just a dab on your throat before important conversations.

Chakra: 5th Chakra – The Throat

Crystals: Amazonite, Black Tourmaline, Blue Kyanite, Aquamarine, Fluorite, Pyrite. These stones all offer protection, ease communication, help weather storms or difficult transitions and even help lessen electromagnetic stress.

Listen to my mercury retrograde episode of The Fat Feminist Witch

Venus: Until 01/29

Keywords: Love and relationships, self-love, friends & family, beauty, value, over-indulgence

Do: Ask your online date a few extra questions and have a good exit strategy in place if you’re meeting someone new, examine your ideas about love and beauty, honour your natural and inner beauty, bring art or flowers into your space to counter-act a feeling that the world is maybe not as beautiful as you thought

Don’t: Make any major changes to your appearance. As someone who just dyed their hair is already re-thinking it, once VRx wares off you could find you don’t like that hair colour or those implants nearly as much as you did a week ago; make major decisions about relationships such as committing to another person or ending a relationship (if possible).

Chakra: 4th Chakra – The Heart

Crystals: Rhodonite, Chrysocolla, Rose Quartz, Ruby in Fuschite, Moss Agate, Celestite. In general, these crystals all offer shielding and protection for your heart, but allow it to stay open to strong feelings and messages from [insert wherever you believe messages come from]. Ruby in Fuschite is my favourite for when you want to examine what’s truly in your heart. Moss Agate could help keep some cash in your pocket and celestite can keep you feeling light and safe.

Uranus: Until 01/18

Keywords: Chaos, Unexpected changes, Opposites, Rebellion, Freedom, Shaking up your life, empowerment, original thought

Do: try new things, go new places, take risks, have fun, trust your intuition, listen to your inner guidance, make big changes in your life

Don’t: hold yourself back, let fear get the best of you, follow the status quo

Chakra: 7th Chakra – The Crown

Crystals: Fire Opal, Diamond, Clear Quartz, Rutilated Quartz, Aquamarine. Fire opal is kind of a wild and beautiful stone that can help you stay optimistic and excited about the general chaos of Uranus retrograde. Extravagant stones like the fire opals and diamonds bring kind of a wild ability to remain open to new possibilities and new life paths. Azurite can help you connect deeply to your intuition and the magick of life. Aquamarine will help you weather any storm and adapt to changes. Any variety of quartz (especially pieces that are sharp and wild!) will help align your chakras, and encourage a shift in your perspective.

You can find the entire blog post here – Planetary Retrograde Cheat Sheet

Want to have the dates and tips right on your phone? I’ve put all the planets into this google calendar which will send you a little alert on the day each period begins.

Good luck this month, my witchy friends! Have a fabulous January and Happy birthday season to all of you with your sun in Aquarius!

Without the support of my listeners and friends I wouldn’t be able to devote as much as I do to the podcast – if you have a little extra, would you mind sending a little coffee change my way? Every little bit is greatly appreciated!


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