Crystal Trading Cards

I made these crystal trading cards during my weekly #MagicRockMondays segment to highlight some of the crystals I worked and experimented with.

After learning more about where crystals come from and the affect on the planet my crystal collection could have, I decided to stop buying any new ones for a while, and instead work more mindfully with the stones I already have.

The cards were created on with free-to-use art which I re-designed to match the stones featured. Please feel free to share and re-create these cards to fit your experiences and collection using this template from Canva.

Read the Blog Posts:

  1. #MagicRockMondays – Green Calcite
  2. #MagicRockMondays – Pietersite
  3. #MagicRockMondays – Nuumite
  4. #MagicRockMondays – Black Moonstone
  5. #MagicRockMondays – Galena

Download the PDFs:

Black Moonstone

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